We do it all for the love of our feathered companions well-being and best interest!


Our birds come in and get adopted on a daily basis.  We do our best to keep this page updated.  We require you to contact us for an appointment and specify which bird you are interested in meeting in advance.

We ask you to please keep your appointments to meet our birds.  Most of our birds stay with foster families, and arrangements are made in advance to get the birds to the sanctuary for your visit and potential adoption.  If you must cancel, please give us a 24 hour advance notice.  Birds are available for adoption until they are paid for or a deposit is put on them.  If you do place a hold on a bird with a deposit, then change your mind about the adoption, all monies paid are considered a donation to Parrot Hope Rescue and ALL PAYMENTS are Non-Refundable.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!



Umbrella Cockatoo


Harley is DNA confirmed female who is 15 years old. She does not talk, but loves to dance. She steps up to anyone and loves kids.  

Harley eats a good combination of seed, fruit and nuts. Loves warm oatmeal, apples, bananas, pasta and mix vegetables.

Harley has been vetted, and she does have prolapsed meaning she requires special ongoing care.

To meet Harley call Lynn at (440) 840-1435



Citron Cockatoo


Sugar is an older wild caught citron cockatoo.  

Can be hand shy, but will step up and loves to play with toys! 

 Sugar requires patience, engagement, supervision out of the cage and all the TLC you can spare.  

Can be completely content on the play stand or with a basket full of toys.

Sugar does not do well with children and should be supervised around smaller pets especially birds.


Mr & Mrs Blu

Blue and gold Macaws


 These two are a male and female bonded pair. Both step up, and can be handled, once one trusts you, they both will.

We will only adopt them together, it is obvious they love each other very much. 

This is NOT a proven breeder pair. 



Male Macaw

Hudson is a great bird!


He is very young, and he requires someone who is a confident handler.

  He can be a bit pushy at times.



Sun Conure


Sally is a sweet bird.  

She requires patience, steps up and absolutely LOVES attention and to hang out with you as much as she can.  

She is believed to be around 2 years old.



Sun Conure


Ava-cado is a super sweet bird.    

Steps up, very friendly, loves everyone, but can be loud.

She is also believed to be around 2 years old.



Red-Lored Amazon

Cosmo has only been with one previous owner.  She will come with her DNA and hatch certificate!  

She is currently on a diet of goldenfeast and fresh vegetables. She prefers her veggies warm and loves to eat when you do.  We are working on getting her converted from sunflower seeds to pellets.

Cosmo whistles the Andy Griffith song, makes a few fun echo noises and says a few phrases including "your a good boy", and perfectly mimics the sounds of a small dog barking and whining. 

She was bonded to an orange winged amazon before he passed away nearly a decade ago.  

Once you earn her trust she will step up.  She can get aggressive and nippy when she is hormonal.


Harley & Sheena

Bonded Macaws

Sheena is a greenwing macaw and Harley is a harlequin macaw who are both believed to be in their teens.  

They both step up and like to be carried together. Harley seems to prefer men and Sheena seems to be better with women, however they both can be handled and they both talk.

They both love fresh food and can go crazy with wooden toys.



Umbrella Cockatoo

Sammy is 25 years old.  

He is a sweet friendly cockatoo who loves attention! 

He does NOT like children and will bite them.



Blue and Gold Macaw

Elvis is approximately 15 years old. He can display some cage aggression and had a preference for men previously.  

He only gets noisy if left alone for longer periods of time. 

He requires a little training and someone with experience who wouldn't show any fear would be a good fit for Elvis. 

He was handled all the time by his preferred person in his first home.

 He takes treats nicely and will make someone with experience a really nice companion!



Blue and Gold Macaw

Hanna is a bit timid and also requires a confident handler.

She will do better with someone who understands how to read macaws through both their eyes and body language.

She will pick you!!!!



Blue and Gold Macaw

 Michael is a handsome, 27 year old, male ready for his new home! He isnt really a screamer but he loves to be chatty all day long.

 He will beg for table food when you're eating but we have been working very hard to break him of that habit. He is very lundgey, but he isnt aggressive. 

He will need a confident owner. 


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 Please note; all of our birds have a non-refundable adoption fee with a contractual agreement.  

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