Our birds come in and get adopted on a daily basis. We do our best to keep this page updated.  We require you to contact us for an appointment and specify which bird you are interested in meeting in advance.

We ask you to please keep your appointments to meet our birds. Most of our birds stay with foster families, and arrangements are made in advance to get the birds to the sanctuary for your visit and potential adoption. If you must cancel, please give us a 24 hour advance notice.  Birds are available for adoption until they are paid for or a deposit is put on them. If you do place a hold on a bird with a deposit, then change your mind about the adoption, all monies paid are considered a donation to Parrot Hope Rescue and ALL PAYMENTS are Non-Refundable.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

'The Twins'


These guys are so terribly cute! Very young, sibling pair of lovebirds. 

They are lovingly dubbed 'the twins' by their foster home. Very young and extremely outgoing. 

They are playfully and chatty and love to explore. They are ALWAYS side-by-side so they must be adopted together.



Chromy is a beautiful hybrid conure looking for his next family! 

Like most conures he can be loud. 

He is nervous around new people but will bond strongly with a man. 

He is learning how to eat a diet with a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies and he is getting the hang of it.



This is Albert. He is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet. 

He loves his fresh fruits and veggies. His favorites are pea pods and papaya. 

He talks and says "what are you doing" "Pretty boy" and "Good Boy". He loves to shred toys and chew on his wooden toys. He is very active and this species can be rather loud.



Happy is a 6 year old Orange Wing Amazon. She is very skittish like most orange wings but is most comfortable with women, even young girls. 

Once she is comfortable she will step up. She loves to sing and dance.



Say hello to Chi-chi! She is looking for her forever family. 

She is a big talker and loves shredding toys! Once she learns to trust you she comes out of her cage and likes to hang out with you and will sometimes let you pet her. 

She is learning to eat a more appropriate diet and is switching over wonderfully!



Buster is an extremely handsome and charismatic Congo African Grey looking for his forever family. 

He was formerly owned by a man and definitely prefers them. He will bite if a woman tries to step him up but can pet him without him biting.



Goosey is a female Congo African Grey that should acclimate quickly in most households. 

She has a wide vocabulary of words and sounds that she mimics. She is a little nervous at first but steps up confidently once she trusts you.  

She happily eats pellets and chop. Her age is unknown and although she tolerates everyone well, she really loves men.



Beyond adorable Maui is looking for his new family. He is a good eater.

He steps up nicely and likes to be pet. He has a typical sassy cockatoo personality in an extra small lesser cockatoo package. 



Beautiful Bella is ready for her forever family. She doesnt seem to have a preference between men or women but would definitely need a confident handler. 

She doesnt like to be pet or snuggled but is happy just hanging out and being around you.



Angel is a beautiful and petite blue and gold looking for her forever family! 

She is in her 20s and a past plucker but she is doing great now. She is a busy girl and loves to shred toys. She can be loud when she wants to but is overall a good girl. She likes to snuggle too! 

If you're looking for someone to spoil this is your girl!



Nelly is a beautiful Peach-Faced lovebird looking for her new home!

She has come a very long way since being in the rescue and will eat from your hand and has a lot of potential to be hand tame.

She sings beautifully, isn't overly loud, is a great eater, and loves to play with toys.



Savannah is a phenomenal blue and gold looking for her forever family. She is pretty easy to handle and is easy to read. 

She prefers a female handler and, for a macaw, is pretty quiet. She is a good player and great eater. Showers are still scary for her but it's a work in progress.



Blue is the definition of "comedian". She is the life of the party -- She has a lot to say and you better listen!

She prefers women and would do best with a confident handler. She can be a little stubborn and will need someone that will hold their ground with her. She is a great eater and is a happy, healthy girl.



Neval is a male Moluccan cockatoo. He's on the quiet side for the most part but can be very loud when he wants to. 

He prefers women and loves to cuddle. We're introducing him to fruits and veggies and will taste them when he's offered. 



Savannah the Green Wing Macaw is ready for a new family! She is ADORABLE! 

Loves to dance, give kisses, take baths, and be snuggled. 

She is a very nervous girl so it will take a little while for her to warm up to her new family. Once she is comfortable she comes out of her shell and is a total riot! 

She is completely plucked and her feathers will probably not come back but we still think she is beautiful! 



KeeWee, a senegal, is ready for her forever home! She is active and loves to  be wherever you are.

She is approximately 4 years old, is wonderful with men, but doesn't like women and will bite. She doesn't seem to mind dogs or other pets.

She is a great eater, is on Fruit Zupreem, and loves fresh fruits and veggies. 



Reno is a Blue and Gold Macaw. He is 27 years old and was with his previous owner since he was a baby. 

Reno is a typical blue and gold with a sassy attitude that will push his limits. He is very cuddly, talks, likes to laugh, eats well, and is cautious of females but has made significant improvement in his current foster home.



Kiwi is a Double Yellow-Headed male Amazon.

He was left in a cage for many years and did not do well being alone. He needs a home where he is loved and included in family activities and should not be left in a cage all day.

He steps up well and loves to sing and talk! A very adorable and entertaining little guy! He needs someone who can give him all the love and attention he deserves!



Sugar is an older wild caught citron cockatoo.  She can be hand shy, but will step up and loves to play with toys! 

Her favorite toys to play with are foot toys and she'll be content with those for hours. 

Mr. & Mrs. Blu


These two are a male and female bonded pair of Blue and Gold Macaws. Both step up, and can be handled, once one trusts you, they both will.

We will only adopt them together, it is obvious they love each other very much. 

This is NOT a proven breeder pair. 



Hannah, a Blue and Gold Macaw, is a bit timid and requires a confident handler.

She will do better with someone who understands how to read macaws through both their eyes and body language.

Once she is comfortable with you she is easy to handle and will snuggle.

Harley & Sheena


Harley is a Harlequin macaw and Sheena is a Green Wing macaw. These two are bonded and both believed to be in their teens.  

They both step up and like to be carried together. Harley seems to prefer men and Sheena seems to be better with women, however they both can be handled and they both talk.

They both love fresh food and go crazy with wooden toys.

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