There Are Many Ways You Can Support Parrot Hope Rescue And Their Birds!

The generosity of your contributions will enable us to continue to meet our goals; to improve and impact the lives of many parrots. Your generous donations support and assist Parrot Hope Rescue to stay true to the dedication of our mission.

 Thank You For Supporting Parrot Hope Rescue!

Your Generous Donations Assist Us With Giving Every Bird In Our Care HOPE!!!


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Thank You! We Can't Say It Enough! It Is Your Generous Donations which Assist Us With Giving Every Bird In Our Care HOPE!!!

Parrot Hope Rescue relies solely on the generous donations of the public. Your continued support and generous contributions further enable us to continue the quality care we currently offer.

All proceeds and donations go 100% back into the cost and care for these birds.. Your generous donations support and assist us in our mission.  

The majority of your monetary support is spent on quality veterinarian costs. 

Many of the birds surrendered require vet care. Some immediately and some ongoing.

We are always in need of many items to assist us to continue with the quality standard of care to all our birds. 

Some of these items include but are not limited to;  

  • Gas Cards
  • Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Vinegar
  • Clear Dawn Dish Soap
  • Brushes (wire and soft)
  • Towels
  • Carriers (medium and large)
  • Cages: All Sizes (preferably large)
  • Toys
  • Perches: All Sizes
  • Food Dishes
  • Fresh whole foods (we feed organic foods as much as possible)
  • Nutritious whole grains
  • A variety of nuts
  • Many many more to list here...

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******Do Your Online Shopping On Amazon Smile and Choose Parrot Hope Rescue !!! *****  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Your generosity and support allows us to continue to provide quality care and hope to all our birds.


Parrot Hope Rescue

P. O. Box 642, Mantua, Ohio, 44255, United States

(330) 931-7736