Casey came to PHR from another rescue who had her in their care for about a year. They did everything they could for her when they reached out to Parrot Hope for some assistance. She was seen by many vets and passed away due to kidney failure. 

Casey's loss was upsetting to many of the volunteers, especially the family who had been fostering her. Casey was loved and cuddled often by her foster family and was a very sweet and gentle bird. She will be remembered by many.

Fly free, beautiful Casey. 



"Charlie can be described perfectly in two words: Best Friend. She didn't care who you were. If you said hello to her she would be your best friend.  

She instantly became bonded to our son and we couldn't take what they had away from them. So, for his 8th birthday, we brought Charlie home.

She had a tumor when we got her the size of a ping-pong ball. She was given a 50/50 chance by the vet she would make it through surgery. Since it wasn't growing anymore, we made our decision with the vet to wait. Two years later we had to operate but she passed away during surgery. We lost a best friend that day.  

She touched everyone that she ever met. She is how we found the amazing world of birds and after we lost her, it became our mission to help other birds in need.  

We only had her for a short time but in those last two years she found our unconditional love."




"Mickie flew over the rainbow bridge on January 20th, 2020. 

I got Mickie when I bird sat for friends 24 years ago. It took me three years to gain his trust before he would step up on my hand. 

He always said hello when I came home from work, liked to be outside in his cage and whistle at the girls walking past the house, and loved to fly from his cage over to me in the living room. He had to sample anything I ate or he would throw a fit.

I could write a book about him in our 24 years we spent together. Fly high my Sweet Mickie."