Grasshopper and David

Our Story...

I found out about Parrot Hope from an employee at I think PetSmart. I mentioned wanting a green cheek conure and she said not to buy one from a pet store, and suggested instead to adopt. She said they're way too expensive at a pet store and with adopting, you get the cage, toys and everything else that you'll need when you first adopt them. That's when she mentioned Parrot Hope Rescue!

When I called them I spoke with one of the volunteers about the adoption process. She told me about Grasshopper and what it would take to adopt him.  I didn't have enough money to adopt him right away so I started saving up to get him.  She thought he would be a great fit for me, so she was willing to foster him for me until I had enough to adopt him.  A few months later, for my Christmas gift, my parents gave me the rest of the money I was short, so I could bring Grasshopper home!

It was a little challenging when I first adopted Grasshopper, since I have never had a bird before. I had to get used to having him around and taking care of him. Luckily I have had other pets and I did research before adopting him so I had some knowledge before I got him. I got to know him and his personality throughout the first month or two of having him. What helped a lot was his great personality, he is so happy and sweet and will want to play with you for hours! He's so great and I never regret adopting this little guy!