*PHR is still functioning 24/7 during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are taking in surrenders, accepting donations, and are still holding meet and greets for adoptions on a limited basis.


We are a non-profit organization based in Mantua, Ohio. Parrot Hope is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of parrots, the plight of which is often overlooked in animal rescue. It is dedicated to alleviating the crisis facing captive parrots who often end up unwanted, neglected, abused, and abandoned by improper homes.

The beauty and intrigue of pet parrots has encouraged many people to purchase parrots on impulse without knowledge to the long-term considerations of parrot ownership. Many people who get parrots ultimately don't know how to take care of them leading to abandonment. In 2019 we took in over 500 parrots! We have been assisting to give them a temporary home during health and behavioral rehabilitation, and ultimately seek to find them permanent homes.

Our rescue team is dedicated to the ongoing care and education of all birds in captivity. Our events at the sanctuary and abroad allow bird owners the option to bring their birds for socialization and grooming. We care about the enrichment of all parrots, so we offer bird-safe toys, perches, play stands, cages, and nutritious high quality food as well as education on nutrition and behaviors of our beloved feathered companions. Whether you adopt from PHR or have had your feathered companion for years, or newly acquired elsewhere, PHR is committed to offering you ongoing advice and support to care for pet parrots in the best way possible.

Surrendering or Adopting?


Parrot Hope is a safe haven for pet birds. Each bird will be cared for by catering to their specific requirements. Outdoor aviaries provide a natural setting during the day for birds to enjoy. Play gyms, toys and daily human interaction promotes a healthy, happy bird. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy diets are served daily.



  • Proper documentation of nonprofit status
  • Experience, knowledge, and compassion
  • A safe and clean environment
  • Proper caging, diet, and mental stimulation (toys & human contact)
  • Available veterinarian medical attention
  • Ongoing support from the rescue team
  • See for yourself before you surrender or adopt



  • Grooming safely done by knowledgeable PHR staff
  • Free educational seminars 
  • Veterinarian medical attention
  • Boarding services in a home setting
  • Rehabilitation for optimal behavior 
  • A promise that all birds will go to a good home
  • You can come to us, or we can come to you
  • A belief that any bird is adoptable



"Before I started Parrot Hope, I had been actively volunteering with parrot rescues since the ‘90s. My passion and love for animals is shared by my children, Branden and Shanie, and their father. Together we built a bird room and several outdoor aviaries for surrendered birds to call home. 

We did this all on our own before we founded Parrot Hope Rescue. Our goal was to create a safe haven and help the ones that needed us the most; the unwanted, neglected, abused, abandoned, and ones with behavioral issues.

I never thought that taking in those parrots would flourish into what the rescue is now. We work so hard on rehabilitating these parrots -- getting them on the road to recovery, regaining their trust, and working through their troubled past to find wonderful new homes.

Our belief was and still is ‘no bird is unadoptable’ because all parrots deserve love and great care."



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"My journey began with Parrot Hope before Parrot Hope was even a thing. I grew up in the household with my Mumma and founder of the rescue, Tammi Kraynak. Little did I know, that little 7 year old boy growing up would still have the same bird hombre hangin’ on his shoulder over 20 years later.  

I also didn’t know that one day I’d play a much greater role in the health and well-being of parrots. Having gone through the woes of Crohn’s Disease, it has led me on a journey to finding alternative therapies and understanding health on a much deeper level.   

Having experienced drastic health improvements through my own body, I couldn’t help but extend my heart to help parrots who also have health issues. My mission is to not only help humans with severe digestive issues but to also help our feathered friends! Although illness begins with prevention, all animals are equipped with bodies that self-heal and regenerate. When given a healing environment on a mind-body level, I believe anything is truly possible.   

This is why I created a whole foods chop mix for parrots that is organic & free of preservatives. Real food for real birds! Although there are many other Fundamental Pillars of Health, food should be our foundation. It is true when they say, “You are what you eat.” And I couldn’t agree more through my own personal experience and also through seeing my own bird thrive for the last few decades.   

I am forever grateful to pass on my love and my knowledge to all the fellow birds that played a major role in my development throughout the years. You never know what life may throw at you. I have learned to embrace the negative and turn it into positive. If it were not for everything I have gone through, I would not be as passionate as I am to bringing health & well-being to those in need—especially to our flock."







"I am very passionate about educating people about proper nutrition and diet conversion for their parrots. I am also knowledgeable about behavioral training which can help form a bond between an owner and their parrot for life.

My specialty is working with smaller parrots including parakeet species, cockatiels, and conures. I am still knowledgeable with large species, but I have a special place in my heart for the ‘littles'."





"I volunteer because I love animals and want to help in anyway I can. I believe Parrot Hope Rescue is very important in helping people learn about birds and how to properly care for them. I love being a part of this!

I thoroughly enjoy taking care of the birds at the sanctuary. It gives me a sense of accomplishment even if it's just cleaning cages. Plus, I love teaching my kids to give back in anyway they can."

Jaymie, Ben, Paige, & Brady

Jaymie, Ben, Paige, & Brady

Jaymie, Ben, Paige, & Brady


"Hi! I am Jaymie, my husband is Ben, and our two children are Paige and Brady. We joined Parrot Hope in 2018. 

We found Parrot Hope after we had lost our quaker, Tutt, and wanted to rescue again. Little did we know we would fall in love with PHR and we wanted to help out anyway we could. It has be an amazing journey so far and beyond rewarding for our family!"


Jaymie, Ben, Paige, & Brady

Jaymie, Ben, Paige, & Brady


"I always grew up with pets at home. I got my lovebird when I was in fourth grade. He has since passed away and I am currently unable to own another parrot. I began searching for a rescue to be around birds and found Parrot Hope!

Since I began volunteering I have been utilizing my communication degree and minor in marketing to bring Parrot Hope to the public’s eye through marketing, social media, and advertising."


Russell & Cindy

Russell & Cindy


"I have a passion and deep love for all animals. Lollipop, my Moluccan Cockatoo, inspired me to seek out a parrot rescue to assist with her extreme requirements and demanding nature; I have a soft spot for the more special needs parrots. I have been a volunteer with Parrot Hope since February 2015. 

Volunteering at Parrot Hope rescue is truly a fulfilling passion for me. It has allowed me to achieve my dreams of being an advocate for animals who can't speak for themselves and educating the public about exotic pets and their high maintenance requirements -- enrichment, nutrition, exercise, and foraging, along with exposed toxins and dangers most families utilize regularly but may not realize could be dangerous or harmful to their birds."

Russell & Cindy

Russell & Cindy

Russell & Cindy


"We became part of Parrot Hope Rescue when we took in a quaker and cockatiel who needed a new home. We visited plenty of events and bird fairs and fell in love with the rescue.

Both of our children are grown and married and as the saying goes, we were "empty nesters". We now have a growing flock of parakeets, quakers, African greys, and cockatiels. We also foster birds for the rescue and help transition them to a healthy diet, provide them with enrichment, and everything else they need to find their forever homes.

The rescue gives us the satisfaction of knowing we're doing everything we can to help each bird transition smoothly into their new home. We also love to learn and grow with all the different species of parrots and their specific needs and personalities."





"I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and from age 15 to 19 I worked at the Historic Animal Kingdom on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. I moved to Ohio in my early 20s and I currently live in Ravenna with my four dogs and 15 birds. 

I graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work from Akron University and have been working in animal rescue for the past 10 years ranging from domestic to farm animals, and now birds!

Animals are my passion and I would love to establish a rescue of my own one day."





"I've been with the rescue for a while now. I really enjoy helping out the birds and spending time with all of them.

I myself have birds and always loved them. I also enjoy fostering and getting to know everything there is to know about the different parrots that come into the rescue.  

I have done animal rescue in the past and wanted to get back into it. That's when I found Parrot Hope."





"I found Tammi and Parrot Hope Rescue a few years ago. I enjoy baking and provide some of the baked goods for the rescue's events. For years my motto has been 'saving the world one cupcake at a time'.

At the rescue I can be a part of the difference for these amazing birds. If everyone spent just a couple minutes out of their day to help someone the world would be a fantastic place.

To look into a birds eyes that has seen hate and see the hope in their eyes when they have been rescued and know they are  going to be okay is worth every second spent volunteering."





"I started volunteering with Parrot Hope when I was 11 years old. I love all animals.

My first interaction with a bird was our first bird, Charlie, an Umbrella Cockatoo. I got her for my eighth birthday and we shared a special bond and became best friends. She passed away a few years ago and that's when we found Parrot Hope!"

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Please note:

  • Appointments are required to meet our birds outside of adoption events.

  • All of our birds have a non-refundable adoption fee with a contractual agreement.  

  • When surrendering a bird you can choose to come to the rescue or for us to come to you.

Thank you.