PHR Will Not Refuse Any Bird Surrender For Any Reason! WE SHARE A BELIEF ALL BIRDS ARE ADOPTABLE!

You can come to us, or we will come to you. We invite you to set up an appointment to visit our sanctuary before making the important decision to surrender your bird.



To The Owner or Authorized Agent of the Bird to be Surrendered ...

We ask you to provide as much information about the bird being surrendered as you possibly can.  The more we know about your birds personality, likes, dislikes, routines, schedules or even habits; the better chance your bird has at finding the perfect fit for their new forever home. We may ask specific questions about your bird, including your reason for surrendering your bird. 

We request a signed veterinary record release to Parrot Hope Rescue and/or the veterinarian of their choice. This authorization will be irrevocable and will not expire. 

The owner will request and authorize all veterinarians who may have provided the bird veterinary services of any kind, including but not limited to; Vaccination Records, Laboratory Reports, Exam Reports, Surgery Reports, Pathology/Biopsy Reports, Radiology/X-Ray Reports, to release any and all requested information for the bird(s) being surrendered.

We do have a few requirements you must agree upon with every surrendered bird to Parrot Hope Rescue. These include, but are not limited to

  • I am no longer able to keep or am no longer interested in keeping the bird as described.
  • I know of no other person who has any claim to this bird.
  • I hereby relinquish (in favor of PHR) all rights, title, and interest to and in the bird along with any cage(s), toys, or other items surrendered with the bird. This grant is immediate and absolute.
  • It is understood I am not entitled to any portion of fees or any other donation of PHR's.
  • It is understood the purpose of this surrender/donation is that PHR provide for the physical and psychological requirements of the bird, and I am not permitted to question or interfere with PHR's care, treatment, or placement of the bird.
  • It is understood there will be no visiting unless agreed upon and approved in writing and signed by at least 3 or more of the Co-directors of PHR. 


You Choose

Parrot Hope Rescue understands this is a difficult decision for you to make. 

We invite you to set up an appointment to come visit our sanctuary before making your decision.

You can also choose to have our volunteer team members come to your location to pick up for you.  

Most locations are accepted.  We may request a donation for gas if you are more than 2 hours away from Mantua, Ohio.  

Some of our volunteers foster birds in their private homes.  Parrot Hope Rescue does not generally keep surrendered birds.  

However, some birds may require more rehabilitation, socialization or behavioral training time than others.

We're here for you!

Get In Touch With Parrot Hope Rescue

Contact Us

Parrot Hope Rescue

PO Box 642, Mantua, Ohio, 44255, United States

(330) 931-7736

One of our volunteers will get back with you soon!

Please note all of our birds have a non-refundable adoption fee with a contractual agreement.  

Appointments Are Required to meet our birds outside of adoption events. 

When surrendering a bird you can choose to come to us, or for us to come to you.

 Thank you.