PHR Adoption Process

Application / Interview

Once you express interest in adopting one of our birds, you will be connected with one of our volunteers who will ask you several questions.  Please answer as honestly as possible. We ask you these questions so we can create the best possible match for both you and the bird.  

Sometimes you may see an available bird, but there may be reasons your first choice may not be the best fit for your family or our bird. We do our best to create a match that will ensure long term success and happiness for your family as well as our birds.

All of our birds have an adoption fee.  These fees vary depending upon the species of each bird. 

Please keep in mind most of our birds are fostered in our volunteers private homes. For this reason we ask that you keep your appointments.  If you are unable to keep your appointments a 24 hour notice is required.

Home Visits

Parrot Hope generally conducts an in-home visit.  This is solely for the benefit of the birds well-being. Many new bird owners don't realize or recognize how many simple things in their homes can pose a danger or risk to their new feathered companions. 

We do this only to support and educate, never to judge. This may happen anytime at random, but is usually done at the beginning of the adoption process. (Parrot Hope Rescue reserves this right in your signed adoption contractual agreement) (for further contractual agreements see below)

Parrot Hope Rescue Adoption Process & Requirements

PHR Contractual Agreement

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to adopt a bird from Parrot Hope Rescue (PHR). Properly cared for your new pet can give you a lifetime of companionship. Given the nature of exotic birds and the commitment that you are making it is imperative you agree to all the following. PHR is a non-profit, Ohio corporation whose purpose is to rescue birds which have been abused, abandoned, neglected or are otherwise in need, to provide humane care, and to place these birds in permanent, loving homes. You (the "New Owner") affirm you are willing to provide that permanent, loving home for your adopted bird. You and PHR (the "parties") therefore agree to all following terms and conditions

  1. PHR hereby transfers full ownership of the adopted bird to the New Owner. The New Owner shall first pay the agree'd upon adoption fee in full. *All deposits, payments, and adoption fees are non-refundable. The Agreement is not valid until signed by an authorized PHR representative.
  2. No Warranties or guarantees of any kind is available with any and all adoptions from PHR. The New Owner understands PHR receives and rescues animals from a wide variety of circumstances. Although PHR personnel may provide the New Owner with some information about the animal, PHR can never guarantee the health, behavior, age, gender or disposition of the animal. The New Owner, therefore, takes ownership of the animal "AS IS", "with all faults" and without warrenties of any kind.
  3. Animal Care. The New Owner shall have the animal examined by an avian  veterinarian within 30 days of signing Adoption Contract Agreement at his/her own cost. During the lifetime of the bird, the New Owner shall provide high quality care for the bird, including but not limited to a clean living area, protection from heat, cold and the elements, daily exercise and curative and preventative care as needed. In addition, the New Owner will;  A)  Feed the bird a varied and healthy diet daily; B)  Provide the bird at all times with fresh potable water; C)  Provide the bird with a safe cage large enough to provide plenty of room for exercise and free mobility; D)  Provide the bird with safe toys and other items for mental enrichment; E)  Have the bird examined by a qualified avian veterinarian at least annually and at any sign of illness; F)  Make appropriate arrangements for a bird sitter or boarding whenever the New Owner will be absent from the premises overnight or for an extended period of time; G)  Make appropriate arrangements in the New Owner's will or other estate planning for the ongoing care of the bird after the New Owner's death, considering the average life span of the bird; H)  Always keep the bird in a smoke-free non-toxic environment; I)  Continue to educate him/herself about proper bird care, and new knowledge in the field of proper bird care; J)  Contact the New Owner's avian veterinarian, an animal care expert or PHR with any questions or concerns regarding the care and treatment of of the bird during its lifetime; K)  Work with the bird to modify any undesirable behavior without the use of punishment or other methods which may harm the bird, with the understanding birds are not domesticated like a dog or cat, and certain behaviors may never be entirely eradicated; L)  Give the bird all the attention, affection, interaction and mental stimulation appropriate to a highly intelligent and social creature, and to treat him/her like a treasured member of the New Owner's family.
  4. Use or Transfer of Bird. The New Owner SHALL NOT breed the bird, sell the bird, or otherwise use the bird for monetary gain. The New Owner shall not give ownership or long-term possession of the bird to another person with prior, written consent of PHR. If the New Owner can no longer care for the bird for any reason, the New Owner shall return and surrender ownership of the bird to PHR. 
  5. Right to Inspect. At anytime with reasonable prior notice, New Owner shall permit PHR to inspect the bird and its living conditions to make sure the bird is receiving good, humane treatment and the New Owner consents to allow PHR to examine any veterinary records regarding the animal.
  6. Ownership May Revert to PHR. If the New Owner fails to strictly comply with paragraph 3, 4, or 5 above, or is convicted of an offense relating to animal cruelty or neglect, ownership of the animal shall immediately revert to PHR, and the New Owner must immediately return the animal. PHR thereafter shall have the right, but not the obligation, to enter the premises of the New Owner without further notice to retrieve the animal. New Owner shall immediately pay PHR $10 liquidated damages (not as a penalty) for each day he/she fails to return the animal to PHR under this paragraph. The parties agree $10 per day is reasonable compensation for depriving PHR of its property, and the actual damages would be difficult to determine.
  7. Hold Harmless; Indemnification. New Owner will indemnify and holds harmless PHR against all liability and claims for losses and damages to persons or property in connection with the animal, including but not limited to damages from the animal bites/attacks and claims of negligence on the part of PHR. New Owner waives any remedy for damages which is not specifically contained in this Agreement.
  8. Attorney Fees and interest. In the event of legal action arising from this Agreement, the losing party shall pay the prevailing party's costs and attorney fees, whether incurred prior to or after legal action is filed.
  9. General Provisions. This Agreement is the entire understanding between the parties. The parties are not relying on any prior communication of any kind. This Agreement may not be amended or modified without a writing signed by both parties. This Agreement shall be governed by Ohio law. Any action to enforce or interpret this Agreement must be made in the appropriate court with jurisdiction over Mantua, Portage County, Ohio. The failure of PHR to insist on the performance of any of the terms of this Agreement shall not waive or bar the future enforcement of any such terms.  

These are all non-negotiable terms and conditions you will agree to upon your signature and information listed on Parrot Hope Rescue's Animal Adoption Contract. This contractual agreement between any New Owner and PHR will have the date, adoption fees and the signature's of both the New Owner and PHR authorized representative and will be signed and agreed upon at the time of adoption of the animals with PHR