Become A Volunteer with Parrot Hope

Who Can Volunteer & What Do Volunteers Do For Parrot Hope Rescue

Parrot Hope Rescue is an all volunteer organization without paid staff.  All services are provided by our dedicated volunteers.  

Anyone of any age can volunteer with Parrot Hope Rescue to assist with any number of activities. After an interview process, you will be invited to a volunteer meeting. During the meeting we identify our expectations of volunteers, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

After you have participated in our meeting in person, and filled out a volunteer interest sheet, you sign into your volunteer status and are welcomed into our private volunteer group. Most of us actually consider each other our "bird family".   

Some of the regular volunteer activities include, but aren't limited to;

  • Staffing Events
  • Setting up/Taking down for events
  • Educational/Outreach committee
  • Acquire Auction/Raffle Items from Businesses
  • Writing Articles for the Newsletter 
  • Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Storage of Donated Items in your Home or Garage
  • Cleaning Parrot Cages
  • Making Toys/Enrichment for Parrots
  • Parrot Foster
  • Parrot Rehabilitation
  • Transportation of birds and/or cages 
  • Pet Therapy Program
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Adoption Committee
  • Conducting Home Visits for Adoption and Foster Applicants (ongoing support provided)
  • Other __________________ Fill in talents or special skills you believe would be an asset to our volunteer team.

More Like A Family

We are more like a family than a team of volunteers here at Parrot Hope.  We love to work together as a team for the love of the birds. Different volunteers assume different responsibilities and committees based on their individual strengths and desires.

We don't do it all, but with the assistance of all the volunteers we are able to accomplish so many things with the birds always being at the forefront of what we are.

Join Our Growing Team Of Volunteers!!!

Get in touch with us today to become a member of the Parrot Hope Rescue volunteer team! We'd love to have you become a part of our "bird family"!!!